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US Mortgage Resolution LLC (USMR) is a private mortgage investment management company specializing in acquiring, managing and working out defaulted residential mortgages while providing significant benefits to banks and American homeowners facing financial difficulties.

We take a humanitarian approach to working with distressed borrowers. Our Workout Specialists can be very flexible and creative in arriving at a win-win solution with homeowners. Because of its specialized nature, USMR gets to know each homeowner’s situation in detail and jointly crafts a solution that works for everyone.

At US Mortgage Resolution, we help homeowners who are frustrated with challenging modification requirements and overly bureaucratic programs get on a path to a more secure financial future. We bring efficiency, compassion and patriotic endeavors to distressed markets in a profitable and socially responsible way.


USMR is an RMAI Certified Professional Receivables Company

Certification number: C1602-1071

Please contact us using the form below if you are interested in buying or selling non-performing loans.

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