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Be the Bank and invest in a USMR Opportunity Fund

Secured by REAL ESTATE, Diversified across a PORTFOLIO of loans

With the economy stabilizing and real estate markets showing signs of improvement, distressed mortgage borrowers are finding the ability to pay on their obligations while regaining equity in their homes. USMR has access to cash-flowing & non-performing small balance, whole loan 1st & 2nd mortgage notes where the borrower has recovered from the hardship that resulted in their default.


USMR helps homeowners stay in their homes while offering a business model for investors to profit from. USMR has consistently paid investors on-time, every-time since inception in 2011. Fund 7 offers a new opportunity to leverage USMR’s experienced team and vast network while generating above-market returns paid monthly.

Track Record 2010-present

Over the course of the last five years, the USMR team has analyzed purchased, managed and liquidated thousands of mortgage notes secured by real estate valued in the billions.



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