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Capital Solutions Tailored to 

Rehabbers, Developers and Landlords

At 1210 Capital, we want to facilitate your property aspirations. Whether fixing up properties as an investment to sell, developing projects or building up a portfolio as a landlord, we offer a variety of loans that traditional lenders may not offer, and that alternate investors may not support.


We take a sensible, real-world approach to lending, working with a whole range of property investors. As rehabbers, developers and landlords ourselves, we understand every step from closing on a distressed property, through the rehab process and lease up. We are flexible enough to create a win-win scenario for all parties involved, tailoring our solutions to your needs. Visit us at

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These are some of the capital solutions that we make available to you:


Property Types

·  Single family

·  2-4 units

·  Condos and townhomes

·  Multi-family

·  Mixed-use commercial


Loan Guidelines

·  Rehab or ground-up

·  Loan amounts up to $2,000,000

·  Target 80% loan to cost

·  Target 65% LTV max

·  Target credit score is 640+

·  Loan terms from six to 12 months

·  LLCs, S-corps, corps only



Property Types

·  Single family

·  2-4 Units

·  Multi-family 5-20 units


Loan Guidelines

·  Loan amounts up to $1,000,000

·  Purchase, refinance, or cash out transaction types

·  $125,000 minimum property value

·  $25,000 minimum cash reserves

·  30-year fully amortizing term

·  7-8% interest rate

·  Target 65-75% LTV max

·  Target credit score of 600+

·  One-year prepayment penalty

·  LLCs, S-corps, corps only

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