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A growing industry in good times and bad

More households than ever before are looking for additional storage and the industry as a whole is valued at $38 billion and growing. As people look to self-storage as an option, they also expect a high level of security and service.

At Belrose Self Storage, we are looking to purchase and manage facilities on behalf of our investors.

How we work

As a decade-old company that has always practiced integrity in our business dealings, we acquire self-storage facilities in the eastern United States, and will always pay a fair price based on current facility performance, opportunity for expansion and our research into the local market.

Funded by our capital and private investors, we aim to take those facilities that are underutilized and upgrade each one to better meet the needs of customers who rely on self-storage.

As well as enhancing each facility, we will also put in place a strong marketing strategy and use the latest technology to streamline the business and increase efficiency.

Looking to sell?

While the self-storage market is considered a safe, growing one, ongoing improvements and levels of security will continue to be requested by customers. Equally, during recent downturns those who wanted to sell their facilities often struggled to find buyers.


That climate has certainly changed and if you are interested in selling, at Belrose Self Storage we work within a strict code of ethics and pride ourselves on always offering the fairest price and favorable terms.

Looking to invest?

A growing industry with increasing demand and much lower operating costs than other commercial real estate options, self-storage is a smart investment.

There are an estimated 49,000 facilities around the US and self-storage is already used by one in 10 Americans. An industry that thrives on people relocating, downsizing, buying more or inheriting, this industry is a stable investment and well positioned in both times of economic prosperity and uncertainty.

Belrose Self Storage is a better way to make your investments work for you with the added security of a cash-flowing, appreciating hard asset. With our expertise and data-driven insights into the industry, we can help you build wealth.

Our Self Storage Team

Scott Meyers, CSSM, President - Alcatraz Storage

Scott Meyers, CSSM, is the nation’s leading self storage educator. He travels the country revealing why self storage has become the hottest sector in commercial real estate over the past 30 years that virtually nobody has heard about. Practically every real estate investor and entrepreneur has uttered the words “I’ve always wondered about self storage, I’ve heard those things were cash cows”. It was only after becoming a penniless millionaire in the single family and apartment business, and a near bankruptcy experience managing several hundred tenants and toilets that Scott asked himself that very same question.

Scott is the owner and President of Alcatraz Storage® which operates several self storage facilities in the Midwest. Scott is a Certified Self Storage Manager (CSSM) through the National Self Storage Association and is a Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) through The National Apartment Association. He has been a real estate investor since 1993, and was an instructor of the Landlord 101 course through the University of Indianapolis.

Scott Meyers speaks to investor groups nationwide but mostly enjoys spending time at home with his wife and 3 young children in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Kathryn East – Facility Operations Expert

Kathryn began her self storage adventure in 2007. She was the Executive Director of the Missouri Self Storage Owners Association for 3 years, owns and operates Sopapta, LLC, a management consulting firm, and is a Coach/Mentor for Scott Meyers’ Self Storage Investors program teaching financial and operations management. She is currently managing 15 self storage portfolios throughout the United States. 

In her self storage management consulting firm role, she exercises a calculated and methodical approach to problem solving. She is self-motivated yet appreciates team efforts and collaborates productively within groups. Additionally, Kathryn is knowledgeable in market and financial analysis with proficiency in auditing. 

Joseph M. Downs

An expert in real estate, mortgages and distressed debt, Joe has been advising clients on investments for more than two decades. With a background as a licensed financial advisor with American Express Financial Advisors, Prudential Securities and CapWest Securities, he now specializes in private mortgage investment management, commercial real estate financing and alternative investment opportunities. Joe’s hugely valuable experience, as both an investment real estate specialist and a mortgage expert, allow him to provide valuable insights to Belrose Self Storage clients, creating solutions that suit all parties. A licensed realtor, Joe attended Villanova University, where he majored in Finance.

Thomas D. Dunkel

With a background in corporate finance and 25 years of real estate and investment experience, Tom brings extensive experience to Belrose Self Storage. Taking the company from start-up to world-class organization, Tom has specialized in discounted asset opportunities nationwide since 2006. His financial savvy, open communicative manner and integrity have seen him help alternative investors achieve their wealth-building goals. ​As a dedicated mentor to investors and entrepreneurs, Tom has also taught classes on real estate and mortgage note investment at the CAMA Academy along with Belrose Asset Management co-founder Joe Downs. ​A graduate of the University of Delaware, Tom earned his MBA at the College of William and Mary.