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US Mortgage Resolution Expands with Belrose Asset Management

US Mortgage Resolution LLC Expands with

Belrose Asset Management

New Holding Company Oversees Distressed Mortgages, Distressed Properties and Private Lending Investments

US Mortgage Resolution LLC, a leading distressed mortgage dealer in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, announces it is now part of the newly-formed holding company Belrose Asset Management, an organization that oversees distressed mortgages, distressed properties and private lending investments. The distressed mortgage segment of the business will continue to operate as US Mortgage Resolution LLC (USMR); the distressed property business will operate under the name Belrose Property Group LLC; and Belrose Capital Lending LLC will originate private financing for Belrose Property Group and other real estate investment enterprises.

Belrose Asset Management was created as the new holding company to take advantage of the synergy of real estate-related activities: buying distressed mortgages and physical assets, the increased availability of private capital, and the desire for conservative investors to focus on real estate as a source of higher returns secured by hard assets.

Tom Dunkel, co-founder of USMR and Belrose Asset Management co-CEO, states, "We see abundant opportunities across the real estate spectrum, and we are excited to now have a broader corporate structure and a strong team in place to take advantage of the distressed mortgage, distressed property and private lending markets. In the future, we plan to expand into adjacent real estate-related markets as we identify additional profitable opportunities."

Belrose co-CEO Joe Downs comments, "All business leaders know it's important to adapt to an ever-changing environment. The creation of Belrose Asset Management gives us the ability to optimize the opportunities we see across markets inter-connected through real estate. As these markets change over time, so will Belrose Asset Management. We can’t allow our company to grow moss, and we know our investors appreciate our ability to provide a significant rate of return based on the changes we anticipate in these markets."

USMR will continue to build on its reputation as the premier distressed mortgage dealer in the country, delivering the high level of service its partners have come to expect. Belrose Property Group is currently expanding through an aggressive acquisition plan for distressed properties in the Philadelphia market, and the private lending activities in the Philadelphia market managed by Belrose Capital Lending are currently generating higher than average rates of return, secured by real estate, for its investor base.

About Belrose Asset Management

Belrose Asset Management is a multi-faceted real estate investment company comprised of US Mortgage Resolution LLC, Belrose Property Group LLC and Belrose Capital Lending LLC. The synergy between these entities provides a high rate of return for private investors who wish to capitalize on the opportunities offered by investing in distressed mortgages and distressed residential properties. Headquartered in King of Prussia, PA, the Belrose Asset Management team has extensive experience sourcing, analyzing, managing and capitalizing on distressed asset opportunities across the United States.

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