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Income, Security and Growth are the cornerstone attributes of Belrose Asset Management (BAM) active/passive real estate investment opportunties.

Belrose Asset Management (BAM) is a multi-faceted real estate investment company with extensive experience sourcing, analyzing, managing and ultimately capitalizing on distressed asset opportunities nationwide.

Through its specialized subsidiaries, BAM leverages the industry contacts and world-class capabilities of its experienced teams: US Mortgage Resolution (USMR), Belrose Self Storage (BSS) and 1210 Capital (1210).

By combining the core competencies of these complementary companies, BAM is one of only a few firms capable of offering asymmetric returns secured by portfolios diversified across assets in virtually every stage of the real estate life cycle.

Not only does this holistic approach to real estate allow our investors to realize consistent, above market yield uncorrelated to the broader market but BAM is also flexible enough to be a first-mover in emerging trends within subsets of the real estate industry

An obvious example of our entrepreneurial ability to front-run these capital flows is seen in USMR's market-leading position as the country's premier charged-off mortgage dealer. By identifying and quickly taking full advantage of a tight-window opportunity to generate outsized returns in a focused niche, USMR has attracted significant capital from savvy investors across the country.

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